Prince Regent Hotel, Chigwell

In line with our continued commitment to excellence in hotel refurbishments, we’re delighted to announce our latest project – the fitout for the renowned Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell. Set to commence in January 2024, this venture marks another milestone in our journey of transforming iconic establishments.

The project focuses on the meticulous refurbishment of the historical Georgian mansion and 1930s chapel that define the essence of the Prince Regent Hotel. Our dedicated team will collaborate closely with the client and the design team to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the hotel’s unique character. The goal is to seamlessly blend modern comforts with the charming and timeless ambiance that has made the Prince Regent Hotel an iconic destination.

The scope of the project encompasses a thoughtful restoration process, respecting the rich history of the premises while introducing subtle contemporary touches. All developments will adhere closely to the hotel’s brand standards, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

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